CORE (Collective order for Rural Re-construction Education): A Non-Governmental Development Organization Working for empowerment of marginalized sections since 1984
VISION : Achieving self-reliant civil society; Social justice, Gender equity and Echo balance are its prime components
Mission : To intiate empoverment process of marginalized section in the society through integrating awareness process, Organisation,promoting human resources and sustainable use of natural resources in order to achieve self reliance at family and community level
Broad Objectives :
  • Promotion of stake holders organizations to improve human resources and awareness on the core issues of their marginalization
  • Addressing gender discrimination at all levels prevailing in the society by facilitating equal opportunities to women
  • Promoting sustainable development by initiating judicious use of resources
  • Integrating all the stake holders and resources in the development process for achieving maximum results
  • Networking with likeminded G.OS and NGOS to increase bargaining capacities, sharing and learning and lobby with government for pro people and NGOs policies.
  • Adapting action research and experimenting alternative development models.
Above all, transparency accountability and stake holders participation at all levels are our major principles of development action

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